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Zellige, Zellij or Zillij is a handmade natural clay tile with origins in the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East. Mosaic del Sur ® Zellige tiles are handcrafted from unrefined white clay and glazed with traditional colored glass in a modern, sustainable and socially responsible factory in Tangier.

These exquisite Zellige tiles come in a range of 48 pearlescent colours, warm tones, semi-transparent or plain which vary subtly in depth and reflection. Each tile has a unique irregular finish; Zellige is the opposite of “boring”, uniform and repetitive industrial ceramics. Traditional Zellij adapts perfectly to modern decorative projects.

Zellige can be used to decorate any surface, from walls and floors, to furniture and pools. –see photo gallery -

Mosaic del Sur ® Zellige exists in all shapes and sizes from 3 cm up to 22 cm. For floorings Zellige – Zellij - comes in slabs or bricks, which are colour glazed or simply unglazed white Terracotta.

Online Zellige Simulator. allows you to create patterned panels or decorative borders choosing colours, shapes and sizes. Mosaic del Sur ® manufactures your individual project.