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Zellige is a handcrafted clay tile that originates from Morocco. Zellige tiles are known for their variations in tone, shine, flatness and depth of the glazing, its surface texture with irregularities as well as its variability in shape and size. Each Zellige tile is unique.

Traditional Zellige

Over a hundred specialised craftsmen – Mâllems – work at our Tangier factories (Morocco) to create your Zellige. This traditional Moroccan tile is made from a very unique natural clay, sourced from the region of Fez (Morocco). This unrefined clay is kneaded with water, moulded by hand and dried naturally in the sun. Raw tiles are fired in a kiln to create biscuits - called Bejmat – which are glazed tile by tile in a variety of colours before a second firing that will set the enamel. The last step is the cutting of the glazed bejmat in multiple shapes and sizes, to create the Zellige, tailored to the projects of our customers.

Zellige Workshop