What is Zellige? Zellige tiles are traditionally handcrafted with non-refined natural clay extracted from the Fez region in Morocco. The clay is kneaded with water, moulded by hand, dried naturally and fired in a kiln. Glass enamel is then applied to the surface of the raw tile called “biscuit”, in multiple semi-transparent shades creating a pearlescent, metallic, volcanic or opaque finish.
Zellige, also known as Zilij or Zelij, is characterised by variations of tone, shine, flatness, transparency and depth of the glazing as well as a surface texture with irregularities. Each Zellige tile is unique.
MOSAIC Factory, based in Tangier, manufactures Zellige tiles in many shapes, sizes and compositions in over 90 enamel colours. Zellige tiles are suitable for wall and floor installations of private residences, commercial premises or work spaces. UK showroom in London.

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