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Zellige is a traditional glazed decorative tile, handcrafted in Morocco. Variations in colours, tones and shapes characterise Zellige tiles.
Each piece is unique.

Authentic Handcrafted Zellige Tiles

Your Zellige tiles are handmade by craftsmen at our Tangier production sites. This traditional tile is made from raw, light-coloured unrefined clay sourced from the Atlas Mountains. This natural soil material is kneaded with water, shaped by hand and then sun-dried.

After an initial firing, the biscuit - known as Bejmat - is glazed, tile by tile, in a wide variety of colours and shades. The final production step is cutting the glazed Bejmat into tiles of various shapes and sizes.

Our range of traditional Zellige will enhance your contemporary interior design and architecture projects : kitchen splashbacks, walls and floors, showers and bathrooms, boutiques, restaurants, hotels, and public spaces.

How we make Zellige
Bathroom decorated by zellige shape Leaf green color 1096info

Colour: 1096

Ref: Leaf

Credit: @charlotte_fequet, @lauriemazit
Photo: @laura_jacques_

production zelligeinfo

Colour: 1004

Ref: S079

Credit: @marika_architecturedinterieur
Photo: ©

Bathroom decorated by zellige shape 10x10 yellow color 1032info

Colour: 1032

Ref: 10x10

Photographer: @snookphotograph
Styling: @annasheridan_creative
Architect: @lewesarchitect

Traditional Arabesque Patternsinfo

Traditional Arabesque Patterns

Custom Colour Combination

Kitchen by the zellige shape brick 5x15 color cream 1001info

Colour: 1001

Ref: 5x15

Credit: @leaguadet
Photo: @smilzz_france