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Factory StockLast update 27-09 at 15h55

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Minimum 6 boxes - 3m² with 10x10cm tiles. Tile batches ready to ship from factory, shipping approx. 15 working days.

Zellige in Stock for Immediate Delivery

Looking for Zellige tiles for your urgent project or feeling overwhelmed by the numerous options of shapes, patterns, and custom designs? Choose from our extensive Zellige stock, available for immediate shipping. Our usual transportation time is around 3 weeks. At Mosaic Factory's online Zellige store, our inventory is updated in real time, with new batches being produced based on customer purchases. With a minimum order quantity of 3 m2 for Zelliges in our factory stock, we've got you covered. Experience hassle-free and prompt delivery of your preferred Zellige tiles with Mosaic Factory.